Mars Rover is a 1 Act children's musical about a headstrong Mars Rover and her exasperated NASA Controller. It made the shortlist for the 2015 S&S Award for Best Unproduced Musical of the Year and is under consideration for inclusion in the 2016 MMD Beam Showcase week in March next year. Currently under development.

Mars Rover (Book, German Munoz; Music, Jennifer Lucy Cook; Lyrics, Tamsin Collison)

DESTINY: Oh, my Gosh, I don’t believe this
You have no imagination
Can’t you see this chance could take us
To the top?
It’s the time to raise our game,
It’s the way to make our name,
It’s the reason humans came to Mars, so -
DESTINY: But, Jefferson, if I find life
Our story will amaze the world,
And knock the critics
Right out of their socks!
JEFFERSON: Say, Destiny...
DESTINY: Yes, Jefferson?
And look at the rocks!