Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Over The Moon

Part 3 of Frank Cottrell Boyce’s madcap trilogy, relating the new adventures of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and her new family, the Tootings.  At the end of Part 2 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was stolen by the villanous Tiny Jack and his Nanny, leaving the Tootings stranded in London, in 1966 (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has been travelling about in time a lot) on the day of the World Cup final.  But… But… BUT – who have they just spotted in the crowd?  Could it possibly be Commander Caractacus Pott, with Mimsie, Jeremy and Jemima – Chitty’s original owners.  If the families join forces, can they rescue their beloved Chitty from the clutches of her enemies???  David Tennant currently recording the final part of this fantasmagorical adventure with the  David Tennant.