From classics like Dracula to contemporary drama series like Aliens…

I have directed over 100 student radio drama productions, ranging from classics like Dracula and  War of the Worlds to fast-paced contemporary drama series like Al Smith’s Lifelines and Aliens.   I can turn my hand to any period, any genre and enjoy the problem-solving and creativity that are required for any audio drama. 

I have also directed professional drama productions for BBC Radio Drama, Sony Europa/Boxine and Audible UK.  For Audible/Pottermore, I recorded the Quidditch World Cup coverage with Imogen Church as Ginny Potter and Anette Badland as Reeta Skeeta.  For Sony, I recently directed 4 children’s plays – two about youth football team the Ballaloes, and two about pop band The Gnats.  These productions features a lot of recent LAMDA graduates and a good time was had by all.

I am currently prepping a major multi-cast dramatisation of a Classic novel for Audible (title yet to be announced).  We were about to go into the recording studio when Lockdown hit, so production was suspended.  Since then, I have remote-directed two  two full-cast productions with LAMDA students via the Cleanfeed audio platform, and we are now running a test to see if it will be possible to record the Audible drama in the same way, with actors dialing in from right across the country.  If successful, we will be able to resume production in the next few weeks.  Fingers crossed…

Pioneers in the vanguard of industry change are we!  

Audio Drama

In the studio