Winter Dawn

8 Dec 2020

Alex Callister’s ass-kicking agent Winter returns for the third in the popular series of thrillers this month. Winter is again voiced by Ell Potter, who was nominated for a 2019 Audie Award for her reading of the first book, ‘Winter Dark’. For this third book, Winter Dawn

Love Bytes goes to Colorado

3 Feb 2021

“Featuring SPECIAL GUEST baritone ANDREW GARLAND, ‘She Loves Me Not’ is Sohap’s Anti-Valentine’s Day-themed Listeners’ Club Session. Featuring hilarious music by Cheryl Frances-Hoad, Gabriel Kahane, William Bolcom, and more. If you are single and eating ice-cream on the couch for Valentine’s Day, this concert is Love Bytes goes to Colorado

Christmas No.1

12 Jan 2021

For Christmas 2020 I directed a Top Secret recording for Audible – a new reading of Charles Dickens’s beloved classic ‘A Christmas Carol’ by the legend that is Mr. Hugh Grant. We had a great time working on it together, even though Covid meant that Christmas No.1

The Weekend

8 Dec 2020

This year I have reunited with composer Scott Stroman, with whom I have previously written ‘Fables’ and ‘Fever Pitch: The Opera’ to work on a jazz-opera adaptation of Michael Palin’s stage play ‘The Weekend’, for Highbury Opera Theatre. It was the original intention to premier The Weekend


12 May 2020

One of the most challenging jobs I have had recently was directing the Anglo Saxon epic poem ‘Beowulf’ for Audible – technically England’s oldest audiobook, as it was originally an oral poem told by Saxon bards. Our version was performed by the Icelandic poet and Beowulf

Lockdown Audio Production

28 Apr 2020

With recording studios closed by the C19 Lockdown, the Audio industry has been exploring new ways to carry on working remotely, and I have already directed my first full-length audiobook for Audible (title to be announced shortly), working with the actor Ell Potter, who was Lockdown Audio Production

Lockdown LAMDA recordings

22 May 2020

Some of the final year acting students at LAMDA were due to record radio plays in our radio studio when C19 Lockdown hit. So, instead, we have gone online and are recording the productions remotely, via a platform called Cleanfeed. This is a steep learning Lockdown LAMDA recordings

Fever Pitch

9 Feb 2017

This spring Tamsin is reuniting with composer Scott Stroman (with whom she wrote ‘Fables’, 2015) to adapt Nick Hornby’s football memoir ‘Fever Pitch’ for Highbury Opera Theatre.  It will be performed just down the road from Hornby’s beloved Arsenal, at Highbuury’s Union Chapel in September Fever Pitch

Marlborough Jazz Festival 2015

8 Jul 2015

Tamsin is delighted to be returning to the Marlborough Jazz Festival once again on Saturday 18th July, with a top-notch band including Geoff Castle (Piano), Mark Rose (Bass), Neil Burton (Drums) and Steve Waterman (Trumpet).  They will be at the Castle & Ball hotel from 10.00pm-midnight, playing their Marlborough Jazz Festival 2015

Christmas The Musical

14 Nov 2014

Tamsin is contributing to the lyrics for Sandy Hooks’s new musical, which tells the Christmas story from Joseph’s point of view. This December, you can catch an exciting preview of excerpts from the show in a Christmas Celebration at the Supernova Arena on London’s Victoria Christmas The Musical