War And Peace

The incredibly versatile Thandiwe Newton and I were probably the only people to use Lockdown to read Tolstoy’s epic novel ‘War and Peace’ – TWICE! Firstly to prepare it and then to record it, unabridged, for Audible UK. Due to her incredibly busy schedule it took us a year to find the 30 days we needed in studio to record the 1,500+ page book. Thandiwe worked in recording studios in both London and Los Angeles, and I directed her remotely online. The finished recording comes in at a hefty 61 hours, but the studio days flew by and we were both bereft when the project finally ended. It is an astonishing, wonderful book and we are both extremely proud of our version.

I am now seriously considering getting a T-Shirt that says ‘Literary Rockstar’ on the back. Or possibly just wearing a crown in studio from now on. I wonder if I can customise my headphones…?