Caledonian Road

It was my immense pleasure to direct the audiobook of Andrew O’Hagan’s epic new novel ‘Caledonian Road’ for Faber (publishing: 2nd April 2024). It is certainly a Book of the Year (HBO have already commissioned a multi-series TV adaptation) and was a very exciting and enjoyable project to work on. With an international cast of over 60 characters, and multiple converging plot lines, it felt like bringing a contemporary Dickens novel to life – my happy place!! Actor Michael Abubakar knocked the recording out of the park, and I can’t wait for people to hear this magnificent piece of work by both author and actor. You will laugh, you will cry, you will listen again. Here are Andrew and Michael at our pre-recording meeting, discussing the multitude of character voices required, and the 20-page pronunciation check-list. The 640-page book clocks in at a whopping 26hrs and 40 minutes, but it flies by and leaves you wanting more. I’m not sure what the audiobook equivalent of a page-turner is, but that’s definitely what this is.