Tales & Fables

In the eyes of its mother
Each infant is fair.
Land-dwelling beasts
Don’t belong in the air.
All play and no work
Leaves the storecupboard bare.
The slow steady Tortoise
Will conquer the Hare.

Following our successful production of ‘Jazz You Like It’ for Highbury Opera Theatre in 2014, I collaborated with composer Scott Stroman again to turn some of Aesop’s tales into Fables, a piece for the company’s Youth group.  It was written for a Tenor soloist, a children’s chorus, and the same 7 instruments as Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale, with which it formed an excellent double bill.

Tales and Fables was premiered at Christchurch, Highbury, London N5 1SA on Thursday 29th, Friday 30th and Saturday 31st October 2015.  It featured Tenor Adrian Thompson as the Narrator.

Fables - The Soldier's Tale