A space resonant with the memories of past political protests.

Neil Tennant, Pet Shop Boys

We have been patient too long.  We will be patient no longer

Emmeline Pankhurst, Suffragette rally, 1906

“We’re here because we’re angry. We can make a difference and we will make a difference.”

Caroline Lucas, MEP, Iraq War Rally, 27th September 2003

In 2005, I co-wrote ‘Stand’, an ‘a capella’ piece for virtuoso vocal ensemble The Shout with composers Orlando Gough and Mike Henry, for the summer Festival in Trafalgar Square. Quotes from all kinds of political demonstrations and speeches that have been made in the Square over the decades were raided to piece together a passionate and powerful piece on the spirit of protest. The 16 members of The Shout were individually mic’d and amplified to the point where their massed voices shook the rooftops around the Square.

‘Stand’ was subsequently broadcast on BBC Radio 3 when it was performed at the BBC Proms 2006 as part of a programme celebrating Orlando Gough’s music.

Stand. Stand up. Stand up for – 
Rise. Rise up. Rise up to – 
Stand. Stand fast. Stand firm.
Hold on. Hold out. Hold fast.
Keep on. Keep faith. Keep going.
Don’t swallow it! Don’t stomach it!