Love Bytes

Tete a Tete Opera Festival 2012.  ‘Love Bytes’.  Composer: Cheryl Frances Hoad.  A virtual romance. Two cyber lovers ask themselves exactly who is on the other end of the line…  Can you trust your heart in the digital age?  This was one of 4 a ‘pop up’ operas commissioned to promote the 2012 Tete a Tete Opera Festival and performed all over the Hammersmith area during the season, as well as in the theatre foyer between shows.

In 2018, ‘Love Bytes’ was recorded for Cheryl Frances Hoad’s album of songs ‘Magic Lantern Tales’  Soprano: Verity Wingate.  Baritone: Philip Smith.  Vibraphone: Beth Higham-Edwards.  Cello: Anna Menzies.  Conductor: George Jackson.  Click here for more information 

See this video at Lite Bites-Love Bytes . The recording is of a performance in Ravenscourt Park.