I contributed lyrics to the new opera ‘Mannequin’ by composer Maria Vatenina and the De Montagne Art Collective which premiered at the Tete a Tete 2015 Opera Festival.  ‘Mannequin’ is the world’s first video opera about human cloning!  Anya (Héloïse Werner), a clone of deceased opera diva Anna, is Mannequin

Tales & Fables

In the eyes of its motherEach infant is fair.Land-dwelling beastsDon’t belong in the air.All play and no workLeaves the storecupboard bare.The slow steady TortoiseWill conquer the Hare. Following our successful production of ‘Jazz You Like It’ for Highbury Opera Theatre in 2014, I collaborated with Tales & Fables

Pierrot Pieces

In 1999 I was asked to write 2 pieces for the graduation production of ENO’s singers’ course ‘The Knack’, from which I myself graduated in 1998.  This marked the start of a series of happy collaborations with composer Orlando Gough. The main event on the Pierrot Pieces


Cat-Astrophe was my second ‘Lite Bite’ pop-up opera for Tete a Tete Opera, commissioned for their 2013 Festival.  The piece, which reunited me with composer John Webb, combined puppetry, mime, button accordian and pitch black humour. ‘Thatcher’ foils a heartbroken lover’s suicide bids. But when Cat-Astrophe

Love Bytes

Tete a Tete Opera Festival 2012.  ‘Love Bytes’.  Composer: Cheryl Frances Hoad.  A virtual romance. Two cyber lovers ask themselves exactly who is on the other end of the line…  Can you trust your heart in the digital age?  This was one of 4 a Love Bytes

ENO Mini Operas

English National Opera – Writer In Residence In 2012, ENO launched an online Mini Opera-Writing competition.  I was commissioned to write 3 original demo libretti, based on seed stories provided by leading authors: What Dreams May Come (from Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sweeper of Dreams’), Facing the ENO Mini Operas

The Ballad of Slippery Jack

Following on from the success of ‘Lionhunt!’, composer John Webb and I were commissioned by English National Opera to write a second piece with a similar purpose – for pupils to learn and perform in school – this time for Key stage 2 (Year 5) The Ballad of Slippery Jack

Mr. Purcell: His Ground

“The Delight of the Nation and the Wonder of the World.” “Our all-pleasing Britain’s Orpheus.” “Harry the Great, the Blest!” Tributes from contemporaries Mr Purcell: His Ground was commissioned as the graduation show for English National Opera’s performance course ‘The Knack’ (2005-2006). Composer: David Knotts. Mr. Purcell: His Ground

For The Public Good

2004 saw my second collaboration with Orlando Gough for English National Opera, when we were asked to write a piece to mark the centenary of the refurbished London Coliseum. ‘Pro Bono Publico’ (‘For the Public Good’) was the motto of the theatre when it first opened, For The Public Good


‘Lionhunt!‘ was a commission from ENO Baylis, written with composer John Webb, a specialist in Early Years music education. The brief was to write a piece for Key Stage 1 children – Years 1 & 2 – introducing them to the concept of an opera Lionhunt!